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Technology was and is one of the things, I could be lost in. What’s the next big thing, what’s the solution for a problem – small or big, what’s the fastest, most reliable technique. Let’s combine that with a team, which is interested in solving their needs and open-minded. The solution we find together, could be effective, efficient and with a high grade of usability.


There are many technics out there for project management, for planning, for developing, for implementation, for training and documentation.

All in all it doesn’t matter what kind of fellow you are, which method you like and what’s your way. At the end, one thing counts and that is to bring the project to success – in a technical and human way.

Whether it’s the introduction of a new piece of hardware for an operator or the premiere of a daily tv show, whether it’s a new workflow for editors and colorists or the first HDR production – I want to find a way in which everyone is involved technical and emotional. Even with a tight budget this leads to long-term success for the found solution.

For me this is the definition of visual engineering. It’s like the kind of a composition I do as Director of Photography, with fundamental technical background and joy.


It's not that important how the road looks like. You could even be in a turnaround for a while, but you have to start, without starting you will never arrive.